It’s another late night in the Chantry this evening.

You find Chaplain Paulus sitting in the rectory study, sipping Grey tea from his favorite wooden cup.

“It’s a bit late for you to be wandering. Come, sit.”

His peppered beard strains another sip of tea as you sit across from him.

“There are scattered ruins in the mountains, and across the countryside, did you know that?”

“I saw them, even explored some of them in my younger days.”
“I’ve seen his face, child. The face of Andrastir lies in those ruins.”

Paulus takes a moment, and sets his tea down gently on the wooden table.
“There are talks within the chantry proper of something momentous coming. I believe they seek to … remake him.”

“They seek to reforge the Allfather from the pieces they find on Earth”.

Our beloved angels, our feared enemies are called the Malacisti, or the choir.
“These Malacisti are but pieces of the Allfather, aspects of his nature — from romance to wrath, from honor to envy and lust", he said. “Everything.”

“They rained down upon the Earth as the Allfather died, leaving these angels, both noble and terrible in our realm. They embody the very essence of a domain, an emotion, an idea or concept."

“It’s been nearly seventeen generations since Andrastir, the Allfather died, and he must remain this way".

“His exalted progeny, the Malacisti are whom we pray to now. We both need and desire their protection." “They guide our hands, and encircle all that is, and has been.”

“He must forever be fragmented, child.”

“Although I fear they may succeed, if nobody can stop them. The Allfather will watch over us again."

“If the flaws in mortal kind prevail, he too will be the flawed creation of flawed beings.”

_"Imagine a world without beauty, without love, without justice? _

If they forge an imperfect deity, we may never see these things again."

Chaplain Paulus stops for a moment, calms himself and squares his shoulders at you:

“Sometimes, it’s not what you build with that makes the monster. Sometimes, it’s what you leave out.”

Few DM notes:
-No Evil, or Chaotic Neutral alignments.
-No party theft, or player-character vs. player-character combat.
-Moderate magic campaign, with many RP elements taken from 3.5, while using the 4.0 combat system.

The Dhostali Chantry Saga

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